Meet the MAGICS with Professors Matthew Malensek and David Guy Brizan

The MAGICS lab (Machine Learning, AI, Gaming Intelligence, and Computing at Scale) is focused broadly on research in machine learning, deep learning, AI, natural language processing and big data. The lab’s objective is to convene a group of students and faculty with complementary skills who are interested in learning about and solving broad, data-focused problems through the use of contemporary and cutting-edge algorithms and computational techniques. Both newcomers to the field and seasoned veterans alike are encouraged to join our weekly meetings, which include research presentations as well as tutorials on the latest tools and libraries in ML, AI, and big data.

A few of the current projects include analyzing news media for bias, predicting what new music will be a hit, generating live visualizations of data streams, geospatial query resolution for autonomous driving and route selection, and determining a speaker’s demographics simply by recording a short clip of their voice. As a research lab, we seek to foster a culture of research and mentorship within our group of undergraduate and graduate students, striving toward publishing peer-reviewed academic articles.


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