2019 Undergraduate Newmark Women in Technology Scholarship Recipients

Through a generous gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, seven undergraduate students have received a Women in Technology scholarship, which helps to provide the opportunity to excel in their academics and continue their active engagement on campus. This enriches STEM education for everyone at the University of San Francisco.

The Newmark Scholarship recipients were asked to share their thoughts on the awards:

“I feel incredibly grateful and fortunate to have been awarded the Newmark Women in Technology Scholarship to help pay for my tuition at the university. This will allow me to cut my hours working and focus solely on my academics. Thank you so much to Craig Newmark, my faculty advocates and the Newmark WiT scholarship committee for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to our success as students here at USF.” –Martha Salcedo-Suarez


“I am so grateful for this scholarship. It will allow me to work less stressful hours during the school year and really focus on being involved in the amazing Women in Tech community at USF.” –Cassidy Newberry


“It’ll ensure that I have a 2019 semester. It’s really hard to engage in school, work, and still be an active member of clubs in the department. This money will go a long way in ensuring that I can focus more on school and absorb as much as I can during my time here at USFCA. Thank you, Craig Newmark, and thank you to my faculty advisors!” –Ornelle Fonkoua Mambe



“Being able to receive this scholarship is going to be a huge encouragement towards my goals and great support to my academic endeavors. This scholarship will provide me with more flexibility to focus my time on clubs, my academics, and job searching. In addition, I believe I will be exposed to more opportunities and experiences that would support my career advancement and promote the accomplishments of women in the tech field. I am extremely grateful!” –Natalia Jones


“I am extremely thankful to Mr. Newmark, the scholarship committee, as well as my professors and mentors in the CS department for this amazing opportunity! Receiving this scholarship is going to allow me to go full force into senior year and completely focus on my studies, and school-related/networking activities. It has also built up my confidence as I work my way into the industry, and inspired me to think about how I can play a part in giving back to our wonderful CS department in the future!” –Chelsy Simran


“I am extremely honored to be receiving the Newmark Women in Technology Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to take fewer shifts at work next semester and spend more time focusing on my classes and projects and participating more in clubs and events at school.” –Alexandria Davis

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