catching our breath after the spring semester…

…and getting ready for the Olin Collaboratory Workshop, to be attended by a subset of our engineering curriculum design team. We’ll be at Olin College of Engineering from June 3-8, learning everything we can about student-centered pedagogy for engineering. Some of the questions we hope to get answered:

  • How do you assess student-centered pedagogy? How do you know it’s working?
  • What will be the best structure for our new program?
  • How do you make sure students in a general B.S. in Engineering are able to pursue a Professional Engineer License (PE)?

Let us know if there are other questions you think we should ask.

In preparation for the workshop, one assignment we got was to interview a number of our current students in order to be able to make a “persona” to then use for the rest of the week for the student-centered pedagogy exercises. USF is so diverse, though, that we will likely end up with a number of personae! Just conducting the interviews themselves has been highly informative.

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