return from Olin workshop

We learned a lot! The Olin Summer Institute was very sharply put together, with great exercises and activities and time for the team to synthesize what we were learning and examine how to apply them to our specific case. There will be many opinions about what was the best thing at Olin but for me a definite highlight was being told on the first afternoon to spend just 15 minutes putting together a poster which describes everything about our project – who we are (USF), the project title in a few words, what our goals are, what we have as resources, and what we have as challenges. We were to eventually put a similar poster together for the final day exhibition, but the first day exercise was critical in getting us to the essence of what our project was, and brainstorming out all the components. Spoiler alert to my fall students – I think I’ll implement this in my class! 😉

If you want to hear more tidbits of what we learned, or the long version, contact us anytime. Many of us are working over the summer.

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