February 2018

Upon his arrival at USF in 2014, President Fr. Paul Fitzgerald called for the development of a School of Engineering, with the goal of developing an innovative, forward-looking engineering school, grounded with an interdisciplinary undergraduate program and professionally-oriented graduate programs. Since then, we have been working to make this vision a reality, and are in the midst of developing an engineering program that is nimble, responsive, and humane, that develops engineers who are innovative, creative problem solvers with both strong technical skills and the vision, empathy, and humanistic perspective that come with a Jesuit liberal arts education. The San Francisco Bay Area provides a unique location to create such a program. We have been in extended dialogue with local industry and community leaders about what characteristics graduates of this program should have.

Since 2015 there have been visioning sessions, faculty committees looking at precedents & models, 1-on-1 and group conversations with industry thought leaders, visits to other institutions, and workshops to address specific issues such as diversity in engineering. Many of you have participated in these efforts and the momentum has been building up. In Fall 2017 a faculty committee was formed to work on curriculum development, and from Spring 2018 an Interim Director has been designated, with a search committee formed for the first hire – a Founding Director. We anticipate enrolling the first class of undergraduate students in the fall of 2020, with master’s program(s) to be rolled out after that.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an informal, but informative stream of communication between those at the center of the planning and development of the Engineering program, and the rest of the USF community. Feedback, suggestions, and offers of involvement are welcome at any time!