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Web Redesign | Meet Denise Struempf

Fun Facts:

  • Grew up on both sides of the coast, California and Florida.
  • I like to make DIY bath products to use in the home. It’s fun to customize and add your favorite scents.
  • Zelda games — I love them, and named my dog after the princess in the game.
  • Sandwiches are probably my favorite food.

What is your role at USF?
Web Producer. I partner with people around the university to make changes to the myUSF and websites.

What are you most excited about for the redesign?
My favorite thing about the redesign is the ability to start fresh. You have the chance to review existing content and rethink certain aspects. It’s the perfect opportunity to replace outdated content with what’s relevant now. Sometimes something as small as swapping out an old image or reformatting text can make a huge difference.

Can you talk more about the new program finder feature on the redesign?
Picking a program can be a tough decision, and when you’re faced with a long list of options, that can be overwhelming. While seeing a full listing of programs will still be possible, the program finder will also provide an interactive way for prospects to discover our programs based on their interests or career goals.

There was a lot of research that went into creating the database of search terms that can be used to match with our program offerings. By looking at other university program finders, our existing program pages, and by talking to programs directly, we were able to create an extensive spreadsheet of options. The provost will be reviewing our first pass of search terms, and from there we can continue to build upon the list as we connect with more programs around the university.

What do you hope comes out of the redesign project?
I think this is a good opportunity to connect with people throughout the university. Web content can grow stale over time, and it’s important for us to know who we can work with in order to ensure we’re putting the best content out there.

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Web Redesign | Milestones We’ve Hit and Upcoming Goals

The web redesign project is moving along steadily on schedule and on budget. We are hitting our project milestones and the following are a few of the phases we have completed: 

  • Messaging, Voice & Tone: Create a first-rate, intuitive, modern, and visually compelling website that engages prospective students, alumni, donors, employees, employers and visitors; communicates the university’s mission and brand; and communicates USF’s features of distinction within the current higher education landscape.
  • Analytics Dashboard Strategy: We’ve built a custom google dashboard to track website key performance indicators for the website as well as key admission metrics (ex. Clicks out to common app, clicks out to slate RFI forms, sign-ups for tours and events, and clicking on the program finder).
  • Visual Design: Global designs for the new website were approved.
  • Functional Requirements: Describes all the components and features of the new website and what they will do.
  • Content Plan: Gathering new content that will focus on student voices, stories, outcomes.

Here are a few more milestones we are aiming to achieve as we move closer to the official launch: Read More

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Web Redesign | Content Gathering

With the redesign underway, our team is hard at work and currently gathering content for brand new features for the website. The new website will include a program finder tool that allows prospective students to search by program name, career, or areas of interest. We are currently gathering content for this feature by reaching out to program chairs and directors of programs. Another component that will be included is a new map feature that will showcase the impact USF is making around the Bay Area.

The redesign will also include new content areas in the website: Value of a USF Education, Faculty and Student research section, and Global USF.

  • Value of a USF Education: Highlight both the quantitative and qualitative outcomes of a USF education, showcasing alumni success stories
  • Faculty and Student research: Emphasis on research and scholarly activity as well as interdisciplinary collaboration, where both lead to innovation.
  • Global USF: Showcasing how USF engages with the world. Highlighting global learning programs and experiences, where our students are from, and where students and faculty go and do research. 

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this or other phases of the project. 

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Web Redesign | Updated Timeline

Our team has been working hard in the website redesign process, and we have an updated timeline for the project. Check out the new timeline below, and stay tuned for more information in upcoming blog posts.

Content Gathering (Now – February)

  • Meeting with clients and stakeholders
  • Content writing and organization
  • Development of new site content (ex. Quotes, user stories, outcomes, etc.)

System Training and Development (March)

  • Web Services staff training in the new system
  • Page building
  • Development on the Events server
  • Integration with Slate and Acalog on the new website

Content Approval (May-June)

  • Forwarding pages to campus clients for final approval
  • Page building
  • Updating pages with any edits or corrections

Testing (July-August)

  • User testing
  • Student focus groups
  • Bug fixes

Launch (July 20, 2022)

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about this or other phases of the project.