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Sep 2: In Class-writing

I read Lillah-Aaliyah Mbu writing, I found that we had the same idea of the text from ch. 3. We laid out our paragraphs similar, starting with the importants of the trust of the readers. We both brought up the same example of Frank Bruni writing to show that he is acknowledging his privilege creating trust between him and his readers.  I wanted to say something about vurnerability like how Aaliyah did but didn’t know how to fit it in my writing, I thought she fit it well in her writing. 

August 31st Freewriting

Last summer I made a big decision that I wanted to travel to Azuero, Panama by myself and live with a host family for the summer. This was a scary big step to take because I never traveled by myself and I’m not fluent in Spanish, I had my mind set on going. I went through a program and there was a long process of getting ready for the trip, we had training before we went so that we don’t disrespect anyone in the different country. We were told what clothes what to wear so people don’t look at us the wrong way, we were told how to act and what to say in different situations. A lot of U.S. citizens have the mentality that when a group of people from the U.S go to another country, “they are helping them”, this is the mentally that we were trying go away from. This is because we are not helping these people, they are fine and they are happy, but we are working with the community, to see what they want, not what we think is going to help them.


  • introduce what I did last summer
  • what training
  • U.S. mentality
  • what we are actually doing

Things that might be different

  • religion based, many celebrations
  • many stray animals
  • kids walked freely
  • their school happens when we have summer
  • receyele a lot
  • no garbage man
  • a lot of fruits and foods on the side of roads where everyone eats off of.
  •  hospitality, welcomed with food, etc
  • traditional wear

Meaning Of Name

My name is Valyntina Thomas. I was given this name by my parents because I was going to be born on valentine’s day and Valyntina goes with the day. Valyntina or “Valentina” ,which is the normal form people see my name means healthy and strong coming from the latin “valens”. This name comes from a roman named Valentinus, the female form of this name is Valentina. My last name Thomas, comes from a Aramaic biblical origin meaning twin or leader.






My name is Valyntina, I am born and raised in San Fransisco. San Fransisco is a place I’m proud to call home, It’s one of the most beautiful cities and has so much to do. I am a creative person so I always have to be doing something. I repurpose clothes, make custom shoes (@blizkickz), and sometimes make music. I’m always open to meeting new people and new things.

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