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Shelwyn Corrigan gave us a great tour of the Learn It Town(LIT), and explained to us how it was nicely constructed to meet the needs of different students, including providing students with a low bandwidth requirement zone.

There are so many locations that can be found within LIT. It provides for students a great environment to learn languages. Students can learn not only vocabulary, but also roleplay, meet other students, and practice language skills with other LIT residents. I met a couple LIT students, and they explained to me, they are not “taking classes” but practicing English in an immersion environment.

I also had the opportunity to observe a class in LIT. The class is held in the art gallery. Students are asked to pick a painting and describe the shapes and colors found within the painting and talk about what emotion it evoked. I find it particularly interesting, as I am encouraged to learn that it is entirely possible to create an environment in Second Life to teach art (other than  language). The course is designed to be a language course, but using the same setting and format, it can be easily adapted to art education. Students are also able to post their own work and get feedback. Here is a short segment of the class, students are using a combination of voice chat and message chat:



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