In class assignment – Oct 16th

1. My dog is not only friendly but also playful.
2. We can go to the park or dance in the classroom.
3. Jeremy likes to read historical, realistic and speculative fiction.
4. When I went to the bar, I want to dance, drink and punch on the rowdy faces.
5. Buying a car is not a decision to take lightly or carelessly about.
6. Tyler is for the legalization, not criminalization of marijuana.
7. Sally needs a new stove, a dishwasher, and a set of knives for her kitchen.
8. My first-grade teacher taught me how to write, read and play tic-tac-toe.
9. She will not admit it, nor will she apologize.
10. The whole wheat pasta is better than enriched wheat pasta.
11. Literature classes teach students to analyze texts, think critically, and improve writing.
12. Beets are just as nutrient-rich as rutabagas even though they are not in season.
13. Drunk drivers are thoughtless taking the lives of other people in their own hands,
risking their own lives, thinking only about their own pleasure and fun, and not considering the consequences of
their actions.
14. In order to convey the information correctly, the police officer spoke loudly to the crowd, told people where they should stand, repeated the information to help people remember, and gestured.


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