January 30th

After reading Kenneth’s response to the class readings, I found that we both share are a lot of similar ideas but with slight differences.


  1. People tend to stick with others who share similar hobbies or interests and form a community.
  2. People with the same ethnicity will share the same interest and culture that binds them together and also make them feel comfortable.
  3. Everyone or every society is reluctant to embrace cultural diversity.
  4. Both of us could feel the struggle about Vance’s experience and observation as he was working as a cashier.


  1. Kenneth believes that it is inevitable for people are more willing to connect with others who share the same culture and background. But I consider that all it takes is courage and some support for people to step out of their comfort zone to promote cultural diversity.

In his reponse, Kenneth states that he shares a similar financial status as Vance and so he clearly understands the struggles and resentment that Vance experienced while he was working as a cashier. With that in mind, our own personal experience or social status would more or less affect how we connect with the author. If the readers or respondents have a similar situation to the poor, they may consider that their behavior is “normal” and would not criticize the government system.


Cultural Bloopers:

  1. Asians are good at Math
  2. Asians must get As in school
  3. Foreigners sending clocks as a gift to Chinese.
  4. Chinese eats rice and noodles for every meal.
  5. Everyone in China plays and is good at table tennis
  6. Cantonese and Mandarin are the same languages.



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