Feb 4

Main Expectations:

  1. Explain my own experiences of facing issues of identity, culture, and a racial stereotype which helps reflect a deeper understanding of these issues.
  2. Using new media tools to tell our story.
  3. The time limit of this assignment is 3 minutes.
  4. It should be appealing to the audience.


  1. Not familiar with this new method of writing as well as the use of multi-media.
  2. It requires a lot of creativity and artistic elements to make it more complete.
  3. Thinking of an experience that is valuable and attractive to share.
  4. The tone and emotions when recording the audio.

Plan to address these challenges:

  1. Get myself familiar with the tools by watching tutorials online and asking peers for help.
  2. Spend more time to ponder and discuss with others whether that experience is a great topic for this assignment.
  3. Polish the finishing assignment beforehand.
  4. Practice makes perfect.

General thoughts, comments, and questions about this assignment:

  1. Interesting and innovative assignment because I have never done anything similar before.
  2. It provides a great opportunity for us to reflect and share our experience when facing problems regarding our race, culture, or identity in society.
  3. It is going to be challenging.
  4. Wary about there is too much or too little to talk to.

Discussion on the reading:

I don’t remember that neither my family, friends or I have experienced racial discrimination before, mostly because we are the majority ethnic group in Hong Kong. However, in our community, even though we have been promoting racial equality for a long period of time, racial discrimination continues to exist in every aspect. Hong Kong has attracted lots of emigrants from south-east Asia, lots of them are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, because of its prosperity and safety. Also, it is common for us to hire maids from the Philippines and Indonesia to do the chores. However, from what I have observed, the majority of Hong Kong people have yet to treat them equally as others. For instance, when we are traveling on the bus or train, whenever an Indian or Pakistan stand or sit near us, most people would move away from them due to their body smell. Another example is that we often disdain against South-East Asian emigrants because they are being accused of having multiple connections with triads and committing crimes, similar to what Cadogan experienced in the state, and so some of them are so wary of their behavior. Hence, since I was a child, I was told not to enter their neighborhood in order to keep myself away from crimes and my life safe. While the maids are doing all the chores and dirty-work for us, in some families, they are treated as if they are slaves rather than a member of the family. Over-time working, unreasonable requests, or not providing a room or even a bed for them to rest. It is disgusting to see how we chanted and educated our next generation of racial equality in one hand and discriminating against others because of their race or occupation on the other.


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