11th February

First story:

Social or Political Protest seems to be prevalent all around the world, especially in the United States, a country that treasures human rights and freedom which allows the citizen to voice out their concern and urge for a change in a peaceful and democratic way. But have you ever participated in social unrest and protest that keeps going on for more than 8 months? That’s my story.

As you may have heard of the anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong, it all began on the 9th of June, 2019. Over a million people voice out their discontention and worry about the new law, afraid that our basic human rights and freedom would be depleted by the intervention of the Beijing Government, we marched on and hoped the government would listen to our opinion. However, it didn’t work out; They insisted on passing the law. As an active protestor and a caring citizen, I have been participating in numerous non-violent protests before. While it may not have any immediate effects, the government officials would listen and set up a certain policy to solve the problem. On the 12th of June, it is my first time to witness how the public voice out their dissatisfaction more aggressively, which was labeled as “riots” later on. Eventually, the government promised not to enact this law anymore, but it was 3 months later.

This shocking experience brought me to reflect my local identity. In the past, I was proud of being Chinese as we have a great culture, great civilization, and great history that influence the world. However, after this protest, I began to question whether I belong to








Second Story:

Studying abroad is tough, especially when you are leaving your hometown with no one to depend on. That’s my story.

Afraid of stereotypes depicted online and media, building relationship from scratch, encountering the cultural differences and shock between two places , more conserve vs more open-minded, Ace on academic vs balance life, missing my family and friend, sorrow and lonely, changes my personality,afraid of my English, local school, inferior.


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