6th February Free Writing

Cultural Identity? Racial discrimination?

Traveling: Choir in high school. Music, Taiwan, Shanghai, Canada, Singapore, US, Italy. Global exposure and perspective. Explore a variety of cultures through their performance and communicating with the people and observing their behaviors as well. Music instrument to look beyond my hometown. Increase my understanding of their culture, respect, experience, and fun. Learn a lot about their history of their people as well, such as the gossip pieces in the US reflects the African American torturing and slave, church music reflects how the Europeans worship and dominated/ruled by Catholic, Folk SongĀ  Cherish my identity, learn more about myself, treasure the precious part of it, never forget the root

Hong Kong: Racial discrimination prevalence. South-East Asians and Mainlanders because of their behaviors and appearance. Mainlanders: Locusts, shopping all around, showing off they are prosperous

Social Class/ Racial discrimination: Inferior, belittled, Movie influence. Asians, lower social class because of white supremacy.

Me: Seldom got discriminated against because of my race or sexual orientation. Expose to different cultures a lot because I was fortunate enough to travel lots of places all around the world.


  1. Intro
    a) My connections with music, from the piano to the choir in high school.
    b) Best decisions that I have made before.
    c) It made me a global citizen and respect multi-culture.
  2. From music to how it shapes my personality and interest:
    a) Interact with people from the globe (expose me to all different cultures, from Italy to South Africa, from Canada to Taiwan)
    b) Music pieces reflect their culture and history. (Gossip Pieces African American Torture and Slave, Folk Song learn about the lives of the different nations, Church Music how Europe was heavily influenced and dominated by the Catholic Church)
    c) Learn a lot more about history and culture instead of reading from the textbook, wider perspectives
    d) A stage for gathering people from all around the world.
  3. Friendship Bonding Competition


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