Feb 18 In-Class Writing


Challenge the stereotypes to come up with people with physical disabilities.

Challenge the cultural norms that disabled people are purely miserable and would be better off dead.

Having a purely intellectual debate about a controversial topic

Even people who are constantly in touch with physically disabled people may not understand the challenges that they would face in daily lives.


In-Class Blog Writing:

I think I have kind of felt “tokenized” when I first came to the United States because of my external appearance. Because I am more of an introverted person and I don’t like socializing all the time and when people first meet me, they may think that I am timid or afraid to speak in English because I am not a native speaker or so. However, I wouldn’t say that’s the case. While I am not actively engaging in school activities, whenever people reach out to me for the first time, they are pretty surprised that I am sort of humorous and fluent and proficient in English.  They made those assumptions mostly because I am an Asian and most of the time I just felt drained out in communication and so I would prefer listening to music with my earphones when I am out and enjoy my time.

Not only in the United States, but also back from Hong Kong, the place where I was born and lived, people would have the same perception on me which they mostly found out they were wrong after communicating with me for a while. They shared the same conclusion and they also found me a bit knowledgeable and lots to share because of my vivid life experience and that overturned their perception of me. Some people think I am lonely all the time who only spends time in my room and never hang out because of my daily routine. But mostly I think that’s unfair as I don’t think so. I would even consider that hanging out all the time is kind of exhausting and boring and I would prefer staying in my room, reading books or watching Netflix which sounds more fun to me.


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