Feb 20 In-Class Writing

I think that the whole football community’s overemphasis on masculinity to bring pleasure has been a great concern and that I support Almond’s critique of football violence. It is very common to see players would celebrate and receive honor as long as they help the team wins and bring joy to the fans, regardless of how the way they win is brutal or violent. Almond pointed several examples to argue that while the NFL has gained as much as $5 million annually, they never protected about the players’ safety while the fans and supporters would omit the violence on the field but enjoy the fight and masculinity presented by the players. To me, it is unethical and immoral to support such sports any longer. Even though players are wearing protective gear to reduce their risk of injury, the prevalence of neurological injury and its negative impact has shown that they are not enough. Also, I believe that lots of the audience have never reflected on such an issue before because they are selfish and influenced by the community ambiance.¬† ¬†Moreover, I think that the football fan culture and the social norms promoted by such fanatic fandom is more or less controlled by the commercial industries. The more fierce the game played, the higher the topicality it will be and that will attract media to report the news as well as more people will start aware of this sport. For the players, in order to stay in the team and earn a big bag of money, they will do whatever they can to win the games and to meet the social expectations. More importantly, such culture will be inherited from generation to generation as when the children begin their interest in football and start training, they are very likely to have followed certain players as their idol, who is very likely to be involved in football violence as well. To follow their path and become successful in this field, they are very likely to imitate what their idol did and that will continue to foster this negative atmosphere in the future.


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