25th Feb Reflective Writing

I would say that one of the most iconic and common food in my culture is called Cha Chan Teng, which is basically a type of Hong Kong cafe that sells different kinds of dishes, from rice, noodles, to sandwiches and fried food. Its complexity and mixture of cuisine have shown that Hong Kong is a mixture of Western and Chinese culture. On one hand, we are used to eating rice and noodles as our main food source and that is mostly influenced by the Chinese or Asian Culture; On the other hand, as we were once a British Colony for 99 years, our precedents used their creativity to bring the western cuisine the public, who could barely afford to go to fine dining in the past. For instance, Hong Kong people would usually have “tea time” at around 3-4pm in the afternoon because the British started that first and then we followed. During tea time, we would usually grab a bun or sandwich and with a cup of coffee or tea. Another significant part for Cha Chan Teng to represent Hong Kong culture is that the dishes there are usually inexpensive and are served extremely fast, usually within 5-10 minutes. It is because most employees and students only have around an hour or so for their lunchtime and so most restaurants are demanded with efficiency and quickness in order to serve more customers while not wasting their time. It creates a big part of our social culture.


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