27Feb Reflective Writing

As I never celebrated Thanksgiving in my entire life, I would say that none of these portraits closely resemble or least resemble my experience. But based on what I perceived in the media, I feel like the first poster, the one that painted during World War 2, resembled most of a typical Thanksgiving experience because it has a signature dish, which is a roasted turkey, with all of the family members reunite and enjoy a feast together. Although this portrait is kind of ironic as most of the men were at war and so that most families couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with their beloved ones, I still feel that this is more or less the most typical experience that the Americans have. The least familiar portrait is the one that the overseas stationed soldiers are sitting down and being included in the news report about them sharing turkey for dinner. I feel like they are so isolated from their home country as well as I sense that it is a type of hypocrisy portraited by the media and the government to illustrate that everyone is part of this country.


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