27th Feb In-Class Writing

Andrew Yi

Gordon Luk

By definition, a food desert is an urban area where it’s difficult to procure good quality or affordable foods. They are generally impoverished areas and they are viewed as a national crisis. This scenario mostly found in the minority areas (black and brown) where many people don’t have a car and so they don’t have access to the supermarkets or grocery stores for healthy food options. Moreover, poor areas tend to have fewer supermarkets and groceries store than rich neighborhoods.

Socio and economically, food deserts tend to come and go with the current economic situation at the time, for example during times of great economical stress there will be more food deserts in both urban and rural areas. In order to survive and save money, many residents in those neighborhoods tend to consume more unhealthy food or will just skip a meal as they have no access to healthy food in the nearby. It clearly brings a negative health impact on their health, especially harmful to the children. Consuming too much fringe food, unhealthy processed foods, is highly related to obesity which causes the government to spend about 100 billion dollars to solve related problems. Eating unbalanced diets are also linked to chronic health issues.

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