March 24th In-Class Writing

In what ways have class, culture, and race affected your individual learning? Discuss with examples their implication to your or your’s family life.

Seldom have I ever pondered about how these factors affect my learning? But now with this precious opportunity, I would say that social class has benefited my learning. I am born lucky to be living in a middle-class family which I have no fear about food, education, or a shelter. I get every necessity that I need. In Hong Kong, the standardized exam system, as known as DSE, The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, puts a great burden and pressure on all high school students as it is the only academic indicator that allows you to enroll in your favored programs. Unlike the US, we don’t require any extra-curricular activities or volunteering experience or even writing any essays to apply for college, this test determines whether we are “qualified” for those spots. As it is very competitive, almost every student will go for some tutoring classes after school in order to prepare for the exams, starting from year 10. I would say I am very fortunate and benefited from my class as I can afford to these tutoring sessions and classes regardless of the fees. However, some of the students in Hong Kong are not as lucky as I am, who are struggling with their academic results while they can’t afford to go to these sessions due to their family’s social-economic status. These types of learning really boost up my learning and exam results eventually.


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