In-Class Writing Mar 31

(Individual response)

After re-reading Navneet Alang’s essay, I believe he brings out an important message that human is continually relying on social media as an outlet for expressing our own ideas or emotions toward certain issues. It is because sometimes it may be difficult for people to find somebody to chat physically and social media platforms is a great way to let others listen to our opinion more easily. Even though sometimes we may “fake” our identities online in order to make ourselves more appealing and seize their attention, it is just a method to connect us with the people. Through communicating with others, it also presents a sense of comfort as well as deepens our understanding of ourselves. Hence, to me, I feel like it is inevitable that we may not present the “unfavorable” side of us, while all of us must possess it.

To cope with the COVID-19 virus, as most of us are under self-quarantine when we return home or maintain social-distancing, we are spending lots of more time online, especially social media or online forums, to kill time and to maintain some connections with our friends and families members. For teens, it is certainly painful for them to stuck at home 24 hours a day and not having fun at school or dealing with a hefty of academic work, even though they still have to spend time in online classing. Thus, they are more active in social media to entertain themselves and to spread positivities to friends and others, such as completing a certain challenge or bingo, mostly related to school or association. It certainly a way to cheer people up. Another way that netizens are doing is raising the awareness of the needy by sharing posts, pictures, or videos. For instance, a family facing food shortage or medics lacking protection gears. These kinds of messages are becoming viral online and through the power of the internet, we are more relatable to others and touched each others’ hearts. In return, those with wealth or resources will be more willing to give a hand to those in hardship and enhance the social cohesiveness eventually.


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