In 1963, Martin Luther King met with President Kennedy to demand the passage of a new civil rights law to give equal rights to black people. On August 28, protest groups organized a rally of 250,000 people in Washington, d.c. to fight for racial equality. Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream” on the steps of the Lincoln memorial marked the climax of the 20th century black civil rights movement.

The main idea is about the equality of black ethnic groups and the thinking on racial equality. In the 20th century, black people suffered from unequal treatment, and the narration mainly revolves around the equality of black people.

There are there main ideas in this speech:

1. Politics

King hoped that people of color in the United States could enjoy the same rights as white people to live, freedom and pursue happiness, and have the same status and civil rights, such as the right to vote and be elected, instead of being discriminated and oppressed as second-class citizens.

2. Cultural aspects

Hope to get respect and understanding, people will no longer judge them by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, have the same right to education and freedom as white people.

3. Economics

It wants black people to have the same opportunities for employment and development as whites, instead of being confined to fixed slums.



For the video I choose, it talked about the advantages of video games and how video games make the world better. She provide a lot of statistics to persuade audiences the importance of video games and why we play it. She is a professional talker who look around several times to make sure she can contact with each audiences. Her speech was also full of confidence and enthusiasm, which make people want to believe what she said.


A liberal arts college is a college with an emphasis on undergraduate study in the liberal arts and sciences. Liberal arts generally refer to subjects or skills that aim to provide general knowledge and comprise the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, as opposed to professional or technical subjects.

11/20 inclass

I haven’t decided what topic I should choose. I saw the possible topics in the material and requirements, I think these topics are not suitable for me. I may think out a new topic for my final presentation. I may choose video games as a topic for my presentation. I will introduce some video games I am playing now and the advantages disadvantages of it.

11/15 inclass writing

In recent years, the international relations and international trade has become more and more important for the development of one country. The president of every country often goes abroad to consolidate the diplomatic and develope the international relationship. One of the most significant events happened in my country is the people found and open the silk road. It connects China to other country.

Ancient trade route that linked China with Europe. Originally a caravan route and used from 100 BC, the 4,000-mi (6,400-km) road started in Xi’an, China, followed the Great Wall to the northwest, climbed the Pamir Mtns., crossed Afghanistan, and went on to the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where goods were taken by boat to Rome. Silk was carried westward, while wool, gold, and silver were carried eastward. With the fall of Rome, the route became unsafe; it was revived under the Mongols, and Marco Polo used it in the 13th century.

The development of the silk road effectively promoted the economic and cultural exchanges between the east and the west, and played a positive role in promoting the prosperity of the han dynasty. It is still an important channel for communication between the east and the west.


My favorite person in facebook is Kobe Bryant. He is one of the most famous basketball players in the world. He is a kind or benevolent person. He used his own influence and experiences to help kids, develope good the relationship to other countries, and stimulate more people to live a better life. He used three years to help write a book LEGENCY AND THE QUEEN to inspire many little girls, and he used his own money to start training camp in many countries to help more children learn how to play basketball better. I think this kind of character or etho of Kobe helps a lot of people.

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For essay2, I did not receive a grade now. I may check all the requirements and follow the requirements for this essay to revise it. I know I used too much resources which I did not paraphrase or cite it. I can also check the APA format and revise it.

10/30 class writing Kangyi, Yuhao


This lecture is about time management. In her lecture, there are many factors that make this presentation effective. First, eye contact is one of the most important factors. She looked around many times to make sure she can communicate with every audience with her eyes and express her emotion to them. Then, for the body movement she often shake her hand and turn different direction to audiences. This make audience feel the real things she want to show everyone. For why we like this video and chose it is that we both like the example she told and we think it is a good lecture for us to learn the management of time.

10/28 inclass writing

I find that my classmate Ruohang had the similar points like me that, “This article cannot be directly put into the video article from the text, because such an article is different from the article writing the paper, and cannot attract the audience’s attention, so that they can better understand the content of this article.”. She also have different point that Intrinsic motivation will definitely help my video project because she can learn more about herself and what works best for her. Her point is not all about the video project but for her personal development.

10/23 outline of video essay

My major is bussiness accounting. For this video essay, I plan to search some information about my major in library in USF. To let more audiences know about my major, I need to know more about it. Maybe I can find some books, jornals or texts about it. I will write down what I find in this resources. Then, I will interview a professor who teach this major and combine his or her opinion with my point and show it in my video essay.




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