the argument aboout this book is China’s current development is a promise or a threat to the west and the world in the future.

“While supplying such information, this book asks the question if the Western observer should consider China in the present and in the foreseeable future to be a threat or rather a promise to the West and to the rest of the world”(1) Horst J. Helle, 2017

For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed themselves to be at the center of the universe, and this ethnocentric view has often been a reason to threaten the collective actions of other nations. But now, after long and bitter wars and cultural struggles, educated contemporaries in China and the west have found it desirable to overcome ethnocentrism. There is interest not only in the threat to China but also in the hopeful developments that an exchange could lead to: China’s relations with the rest of the world, especially the west, are drawing increasing attention. “While supplying such information, this book asks the question if the Western observer should consider China in the present and in the foreseeable future to be a threat or rather a promise to the West and to the rest of the world”(1) Horst J. Helle, 2017. The author compares the differences between Chinese and western cultures as well as people and behaviors, so that readers can better understand the threats and commitments that the Chinese and westerners face or hide. The author also studies the history of China and discusses the influence of Confucianism and Mozi on the development of China.


9/23 American idioms

  1. Bite the Dust
  2. Jump the Gun act before the proper time
  3. Going under the knife have a medical operation
  4. On the Line if you do something which causes you to risk losing it
  5. Feel Like a Million Dollars (of a person) look or feel extremely good

9/23 Mandy, Kristamps Wang, Bolun Wu


Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system. Human activity plays a major role in global warming, this phenomenon is sometimes called “man-made global warming” or “man-made climate change” in the melting glaciers, we can see a lot of news in recent years, the polar bears are getting thinner and the ice slowly melting, they had no food and home. With global warming in recent years,we are faced with a lot of extreme weather. Every summer has been hotter than usual, dry, hot weather has led to many wildfires. And like the two earthquakes in San Francisco last year. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, use more public transportation, such as buses, bicycles, and subways. Reduce chemical fuel emissions. Give the animals on the earth a good home, but also give us a good home.


9/18/2019. Angill, Anthony ,Mandy



Passage 1

A man and a little boy went into a barbershop together. The man received the

full treatment, shave shampoo, manicure, haircut, etc. The man then placed the little

boy in the chair and said, “I’m going to run out and buy a newspaper, some breath mints,

and a cup of coffee, I’ll be right back”.

By the time the barber was finished with the boy’s haircut, the man still hasn’t

returned. “Looks like your daddy has forgotten all about you”, the barber jokes.

“Oh, that wasn’t my daddy, he just walked up to me, took me by

the hand and said, ‘Come on, son. We’re going to get a free haircut!’” said the boy.


Passage 2

One day, a pair of chickens walked up to the circulation desk at a public library and 

said, “Buk, buk, BUK!”. The librarian hesitated, but then figured the chickens were

asking for three books. She gave it to them and the chickens left.

Around noon, the chickens came back again and said, “Buk, buk, BUK!”. 

The librarian gave them three more books and the chickens left.  

That afternoon, the two chickens returned and approached the librarian once more.

Again, they said, “Buk, buk, buk, buk, BUK!”. The librarian was

annoyed and started to become suspicious of these chickens. She gave them five

books but decided to follow them and find out what was going on.

Then, the librarian followed the chickens out of the library, to a park out of town. She hid

behind a tree and saw the two chickens throwing the books at a frog in a pond. The

frog said, “Rredit, rredit, rredit!”.


Passage 3

A boy, a preacher, a doctor, a lawyer, and the pilot on a plane. The pilot

came on the intercom and said, “Mayday, Mayday! We’re going down! There are

only four parachutes on the plane, I’m taking one and jumping right now. You

guys decide who gets the other three”. Then the pilot jumped out of the plane.

The doctor said, “I’ve saved lives my whole life, so I think that I should get

one”. The doctor grabbed a parachute and jumped out of the plane.

The lawyer said, “I’m the smartest man in the world. I’ve solved over nine

dozen cases, so I’m jumping too. Goodbye!”. He jumps out of the plane.

The preacher goes up to the boy and said, “I’ve lived a long and happy life. I

know I’m going to heaven, so you take the last parachute and go.”

The boy said, “No, you grab this one and I’ll grab the other one because the

smartest man in the world just jumped out of the plane with my backpack!”





9/9 DALN

When I searched for language, a lot of articles and video came up. But one of them caught my attention, called LEARNING LANGUAGES AT DIFFERENT AGES. This is an interview with a Chinese American. I am very interested because we have the same cultural background, but we also have different learning experience. The girl’s parents are first-generation immigrants. The girl grew up in the United States and of course her English is relatively better. As an international student, I came to the United States at the age of 15. My language learning ability is not as strong as when I was young, like 4 or 5. I used to learn English in China just to say hello. It was more like studying for a test, and I didn’t study in a pure English environment. I think environment is also very important to learn a language well. Learning English, for example, is faster in America than in China. Because everyone in America speaks English, it helps you learn the language better. In contrast, learning Chinese in the United States is not as good as learning it in China. Because different language environment has a great influence on one’s learning ability.http://www.thedaln.org/#/detail/8061eb6f-576a-4740-8394-8d663840572b


9/6 class writing

I read some of my classmates’ answers and found that some of them had the same opinion as me. When people trust an authority figure, they ask them a lot of questions and believe what they say. As if their answer were the right one. When you build trust, you are an authority figure. Because no matter what you say, many people will choose to believe you.

Angill uses good examples. She uses examples in different ways. Like, the examples found in the book The Clan of One-Breated Women is more dramatic, but the scientists, psychologists are more realistic. And scientists and psychologists use rigor and data to back up their claims and what they say.


9/4 free writing

maybe i will write something about what happened in my childhood, like my life after i had my little brother. Or the story about my study abroad career. i came to the united states for more than 4 years since when i was 15. A lot of people will say it must be hard for you to live abroad alone when you are so young,My parents need to take care of my brother, they don’t have extra time and energy to take care of me. So i need to take care of myself and i used to only tell them good news beside badthings. A lot of things happened during these years, i transfered from PA and I finished my high school here, and I get in to the college. I learned how to take good care of myself and I made lots of friends, but my contact with my parents is gradually diminishing.


I want to tell the story of study abroad is basically my story, when I was 13 years old, my parents asked me about the future plan, whether you want to study abroad at that time . I didn’t know anything about the outside world and also very curious I would agree with me to go abroad to do a series of preparation: the exam, memorizing words, 15, I a person on a plane to fly to the United States no one to accompany me, at that time I had just finished a 15th birthday before long I a person came to a completely strange country, a totally strange city of Pennsylvania even few Asian face, not to mention the Chinese. I ate was not used to the food every day, in not good at English to communicate with people, 16, I decided to transfer I do decide to come to San Francisco, prepares the material I apply for the school, but I finally came to San Francisco to San Francisco after life seems completely different, there are various races people, everyone is very friendly but dangerous can happen from time to time, like shooting, the mental patient harm, and the earthquake, although I love the city but I also have to protect themselves, I always keep a bottle of pepper spray in the bag, so calm after 3 years, I’m 19 years old I was still in San Francisco, but I became a college student. College life has become different. Now it is the third week after my college life starts, and I begin to get used to this fast-paced life. Hopefully, life will be better in the future.