In fact, many people’s images on social networks are quite different from their images in real life. Some people want to leave a good impression on others on social networks. They may want to pretend that their life is very happy. But some people are the opposite. They may be very happy in real life, but they will vent on social media when they are in a bad mood. For example, some people with depression, they behave like other people in real life, but they will post some very depressed words on social network. They seem very happy front people, but they might sad behind people.

The first impression many people make on others will change as they get to know them better. For example, a Chinese actor named Bai Jingting. When people first knew him, they only knew him as an actor. As he uploaded more and more pictures about shoes and basketball on his social network, people knew that he was more than an actor. He also recently participated in NBA events. A person can have many aspects, we see maybe not all of a person.


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