11/06 Mandy & Ben

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Is this plagiarism or not? Y or N
__Y___William Ellis asserts that world problems such as poverty, pollution, war, and hunger are
inherent in the current system of world order based on nation states and economic competition (p. 23).
__Y___Global tensions and inequities can be solved if people begin to help one another on a grass roots basis, moving beyond the current world order of economic competition (Ellis 23).
__Y___Ellis (2011) argues that global problems are often a result of exploitation inherent in
economic competition. He contends that “grass roots….people to people linkages irrespective of national borders” can do much to ease global tensions (p. 23).
__Y___Economic competition is at the basis of many of the world’s problems (Ellis 23). Only by
seeing ourselves as a single family without the separation of national boundaries can world tensions begin to be eased.
__Y___Ellis (2011) argues that world problems are caused by overpopulation and that the only
possible solution is an enforced tax on families who have more than one child (p. 23)


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