11/22 liberal arts

When I googled these words, I realize our school is designed to be centered in the “liberal arts”, liberal arts education refers to university studies that provide general knowledge and develop intelligence. This kind of education can prepare you for many areas of your workplace. Because in our school all bachelor’s program require students to be trained in liberal arts education in the first two years and major class in the third year of bachelor’s degree. we need to take different cores in first two year, this ensures that the students have a basic understanding of each core and then begin to develop into their own major after completing these required courses. I think this kind of education model is very good for the students, because they will use the knowledge they have learned in the basic course in their future study. Liberal arts is practiced in universities in many parts of the world.

persuasive speech

in last class I want to talk about the Hongkong situation, but the professor say this subject is too big to talk, so i changed a bit. It’s still about Hongkong but I choose some specific events to persuasive peace. They burned innocent people, but the thing could done peacefully. There are couple video shows what does the Hongkong protester did on youtube.

There are a lot of persuasive speech we could find on line, like Martin Luther king’s speech.



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