Group Study and Interview Rooms Available

Are you looking for a new place to study? Try one of our nine Group Study Rooms or our Virtual Office Hour/Interview space on your next visit to the library. Our study rooms offer a variety of features to help you and your colleagues work or study collaboratively.

The “Five-A’s” of Zief’s Group Study Rooms:

Access: Our group study rooms are available to all current USF law students, faculty, and staff. Each offers a variety of essential resources. Group Study Rooms can accommodate 2 to 8 people for up to two hours at a time and are equipped with large tables, whiteboards, power outlets, and big screen TVs suitable for screen sharing. Our Virtual Office Hour/ Interview space offers students a private, professional environment for virtual meetings.

Assurance: Ever had a favorite study space become too popular? By booking ahead of time on the Zief study room booking website, students can reserve their favorite study spaces when they need them.

Agenda: As a law student, we know you’re a busy bee. Sometimes balancing your academic, professional, and personal tasks can be challenging. Study rooms may be booked up to three days in advance*, allowing you to plan ahead and better focus on completing your goals. Go, organization, go!

Anchor: Public spaces sometimes bring distraction, such as student traffic, building noises, and the stray unpaired bluetooth headphone. Stay anchored to your work in a study room with fewer interruptions.

Amity: Our group study rooms bring you and your classmates together, giving you a space to team up, study smarter, and prepare for the challenges ahead. As the beloved Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson wrote: “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”

With these 5 A’s, Zief hopes our group study rooms will help you earn some sweet A’s during law school!

How to Book a Group Study or Interview Room:

Before you begin, please understand that all study rooms are only available to book by USF law students, law faculty, and law staff. These bookings are for groups of two or more for two hour increments. Masks are still required in our study rooms and eating is not permitted. Please cancel study room bookings if you no longer need them. For a full list of study room policies and guidelines, visit the Zief Law Library website. In a hurry? You can also visit Zief Circulation Desk and scan the QR code there, which will take you directly to the booking website!

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Visit the USF Zief Law Library website. Scroll down and click the orange “Book A Study Room” button, which will take you to the reservation website. Information about the study rooms such as  location, accessibility status, patron capacity, power availability, and a photo of the space is available by clicking on the blue “Info” button. Select your reservation time and date by clicking on the square time blocks. Click “Submit Times” to finish.
  2. Look for a confirmation email in your USFCA email inbox.
  3. For Interview Room reservations, check-in at the Circulation Desk.

*You may book three days in advance on the website. If you would like to book further into the school semester, please send an email to our library staff at with your name and the requested times/dates of your intended booking. If approved, library staff will complete your request and you will receive a confirmation email from one of our library assistants.