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My politics professors believe that you can easily judge the level of development in a nation by looking at the behavior and treatment of the women living there. I believe that an easier way to judge development in any given area is to stand on a street and count the bikes. Today I’ll be classifying three stages of development, underdeveloped, with very high levels of bike usage without bike infrastructure, developed, with high bike usage with bike infrastructure, and flux, a transitional phase where bike use is seen as a signification of status and there is neither high bike use or infrastructure. Underdeveloped nations & bike usage. From Buenos Aires to bangladesh it’s easy to trace the pattern of industrialized nations with low GDPs having incredibly high bike usage rates. The reason for this is fairly self evident, bikes are cheaper, easier to maintain,Developed nations & bike usage- At this point in global development, the bulk of bike usage in highly developed areas tends to be concentrated in metropolitan centers as opposed to entire countries, however bike usage through northern Europe is .The flux nation’s, bike usage seen as status, with a few exceptions- cars are the norm, bikes are seen as a sign of low economic class. 

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