Oct.11th In class writing

The introduction of the essay basically talks about that the author stated to explore and research on immigrants’ laws because of her boyfriend’s sister can not able to pay for her college due to the lack of citizen. I think it is important for people to get higher education. As the author said, “it does serve to prove that those who do demonstrate determination, motivation, and initiative should not be denied access to higher education as a result of being labeled with the status of undocumented”(p.182). No matter immigrants has their documents of citizenships, it cannot be the reason that the country do not let them go to the school.



Floyd, A.(2015). A “Dream”Deferred: An Exploration of the Scarlet Title”Undocumented”.

In D. Holler(Ed.), Writing for a Real World: A multidisciplinary anthology by USF students            (pp.182-191). BR Printing, CA: San Francisco,  University of San Francisco.


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