Project 1 Peer Analysis!!

After listening to all of my peers’ speeches, one that really stood out to me was Malia’s speech on the energy issues of Hawaii. I had no prior knowledge of any of the problems that Hawaii faced with their reusable energy crisis, but after listening to Malia’s speech, I felt like i had grasped a new concept and learned something completely new. Malia had a phenomenal delivery for her speech, she did not require any help from a paper, or notecards, and still had a seemingly flawless execution to me. She did not have any awkward pauses or moments of hesitation, instead she had amazing flow and a great tone of voice. Additionally, it was quite evident that Malia was very passionate about her topic, since she comes from Hawaii, and this also added to her own credibility as a speaker.

After listening to Malia’s speech and presenting my own, I compared them. I realized that there are many things she did that I would like to improve for myself. I would really like to exhibit the same passion that she did in my future speeches. I also want to work hard enough to get to a point where I do not need to hold a script while presenting so I can confidently deliver a speech without any awkward moments of hesitation and needing to get back on track.

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