Project 2 Organization Post

Evidence & Business!

My dad (outside source): a figure in business that I look up to and inspired me to pick business as my major

  1. How do you know when to seek information/evidence?
    1. Seeks info internally and externally
    2. Calculates data on research (due diligence)
    3. Personal experience
  2. How do you evaluate your information?
    1. Asks strategic members of a team for insight
  3. How do you integrate it into your own analysis and share it?
    1. “numbers do not lie”, in that in any analysis there is a science to business patterns and predictability
    2. Data could be interpreted into reports for employees, presentations to share with customers, and or to make decisions amongst owners.
  4. In any business there are certain skills that are required; these are all transferable
    1. Vision
    2. Passion
    3. Planning Skills
    4. Finance
    5. People Skills
    6. Open to Learning
  5. How did you decide on the bike machines in the gym?
    1. focus on equipment that was advanced technology and create a modern and unique workout experience. We also felt that exercise and “working out” has become really boring with the current generation of health conscientious people. So we purchased bikes that felt like real road bikes, sturdy and mimic outdoor feel at the same time give a indoor experience. The bikes have multiple settings, can be used with cycling shoes computerized.


“Using and Citing Evidence to Construct and Support Arguments” By Joseph Zompetti

  • Talks statistics and efficacy of utilizing them

“Understanding Data Visualization” By Krista Schnell

  • Data alone is meaningless
  • Must illustrate info for audience to comprehend
  • My dad must build or watch presentations that market a produce
  • In business microsoft excel is important


Evidence is used in many ways in business to market products. Many skills are transferable.

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