Speaking Center Post #3

For my third Speaking Center visit, I came to the Gleeson Library more prepared than my previous visits. I also had the same Speaking Center coach that I got on my first time there, so I was already comfortable and familiar with her. I had not already written my speech yet, but instead I came with all of the ideas and information that I wanted to incorporate into the speech. My coach, Monique, helped me organize my ideas on a whiteboard. I chose to ask my aunt and uncle questions on their experience in the AIDS Lifecycle, so she helped me organize my speech based on their questions. We went over all of the aspects of my speech thoroughly so that I would try to not be completely dependent on a script like all of my other speeches. I think it was my best visit because I felt more confident and accomplished as I was genuinely excited to share the information in my speech with the class because I want us ALL to to the ride together!

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