1.My first idea for a credibility assessment would be on the bicycle laws in California as well as other states, in particularly bikers running stop sign. As a driver in San Francisco, it bugs me that some bikers think it is okay to break rules and get mad at drivers for certain things, when them themselves can’t obey simple traffic laws.

2.For the interest idea, and for my own sake as a future rider. I would like to figure out which type of bike is best suited for my community and city of San Francisco. With the geography of San Francisco how it is, I want to find out which type of bike is best suitable and easiest to ride in this city.

3.A presentation based on your academic or professional interests. As a business major, I would like to find out which type of bikers produce the most sales and have the biggest market.  This could be something I may want to do in business. So thinking about the different types of bikers and the economical aspect of bicyclists could spark an idea for a new product/business if market is big enough.

Kathryn Bertine / World’s Fastest Woman

The reading that I read was about a Kathryn Bertine a cyclist in her own right and her story on how she got to become a cyclist. Kathryn Bertine has a rather interesting story as her life took many turns in where she finally got with cycling. Kathryn started off as an ice skater/ a figure skater in where she focused in and had a side interest as a writer. Throughout her life Kathryn was open to many sports along the way and was talented in many sports. Some of these sports were Skating, Running, Rowing and she also participated in many triathlons. Kathryn was special in a way that she set goals, met them and exceeded most of her goals as her mindset and mentality was of very strong will. Kathryn picked up things and succeeded in nearly every sport she tried and with these sports reached collegiate, professional or even Olympic levels. After constantly achieving goals in education and various sports mentioned earlier. Kathryn finally picked up cycling where she went from a level 4 to level 1 level in just a few months. This was already impressive as her leg strength from other sports she has done, benefitted her in many ways and helped her fast improvement. She picked up much joy for the sport and continued with it as she wanted to compete in the Olympics. As she didn’t make the Olympic team, she didn’t give up there. Her determination led her to find another way, in which she was forced to find another country with a poor cycling reputation and make their team, improve their team and earn citizenship in that respective country.


Another article I read was Denise’s Miller, fastest women on earth. This article was very interesting as it told the story of her love with speed. I found it so interesting in how she felt when she was riding 100+ miles an hour on a bike. Denise explains the dangers of cycling at that speed as an adventure because although it is a risk it’s something they calculate and work hard and train to be able to ride at that speed.

Strickland, “ What Every Kid Wants”

My thoughts on Strickland’s “What every kid wants” article is great. I think Strickland’s stories and ideas of one-thing bikes are amazing. I loved the essence and nostalgic feel it brought. Made me think about the times I had as a kid and brought back many distant memories and emotions during my childhood. Each story was interesting and was heart-warming when reading about the different personal experiences with biking.


As a kid, I remember riding bicycles a lot, I remember that once I finally got it for the first time it was such a satisfying feeling and a feeling that I enjoyed. I remember wanting to go out with my cousins and ride around the neighborhood and even when we were not allowed to ride around the neighborhood. I would still ride around my backyard in circles and circles until I got dizzy or simply tired. My experience is similar to Strickland’s story (on page 28) in a way that I really value it and a bicycle is a friend in a way that it is always there for you when you need it and is something that will always be by your side and something you can generally rely on. Something that will normally always bring joy to your side.