Leo T. McCarthy Award – March 14

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The Leo T. McCarthy Award is presented to an individual whose work makes a difference in the lives of people most affected by injustice. Like the award’s namesake, winners inspire others to lead, devote their energy to equity and justice and maintain the highest ethical standards in their personal and professional lives. This year’s celebration illustrates the connection between change makers from campus to city hall to state and national champions of public service and the common good by bringing together university community, friends, supporters and civic leaders to honor this year’s awardee.

2019 Leo T. McCarthy Award recipient – Reverend Stephen Privett, S.J.

Reverend Stephen Privett, S.J., the recipient of the second Leo T. McCarthy Award for Public Service, is recognized as the co-founder and champion of the McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good—USF’s nexus for connecting the University and community for the benefit of both.

During his 18 years as President and Chancellor of the University of San Francisco, Father Privett advocated the public purpose of higher education and the University’s commitment to the city it calls home. Inspired by the Jesuit tradition of locating universities in the center of great cities, Father Privett was dedicated to the purpose of educating students for the common good, “for bold, courageous, and intelligent leadership that changes society.”

Under his leadership, USF defined itself through Vision 2028, a plan that pledged USF to contribute to and benefit from “the energy, resources, diversity, and opportunities of a world-class city on the edge of the Pacific Rim.” That vision became reality through new programs, buildings on campus and the acquisition and establishment of the downtown campus to serve the education and development of the entire Bay Area. His powerful vision has created USF’s role as the starting point to “Change the World from Here.”

Please join us in honoring Stephen A. Privett, S.J. on March 14. Learn more about this year’s event HERE!


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