Group Discussion 9/24/18

The objective of today’s activity was to find the website of a company that is based on the region that I come from and analyze its content management. The company I chose is C Town, which is a supermarket/grocery store chain that is based in White Plains, New York. The chain is mostly based in the Northeast of the United States, and has a couple hundred locations in total. On the website, I see linguistic and cultural communication designs that are prominent and relate to the local and cultural values of the Northeast. New York City in particular is heavily focused on. Because the chain is very small, the website stresses that it is a family market focused on creating and maintaining a close knit community, and the prices are affordable. The website has many images of family and community. There are also many community outreach initiatives and events listed on the website, with the aim of bringing people together and sharing culture and values. For example, on the website, a Cinco de Mayo celebration is listed that took place in Flushing, Queens, New York, as well as another Hispanic celebration that takes place every year. There was also a Family Health Festival in Union City, New Jersey. All of these events are sponsored by C Town and targeted towards communities and people in the New York City metropolitan area, the largest population center within its areas of operation by far. The promotion of the events and the events themselves are a great way for C Town to show its commitment to the communities it serves.


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