The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice’ – Write out

Many of the Youtube stars that I watch have been very successful in the past three or four years, and I always wondered why success was so easily attainable to them. After reading Julie Beck’s article “The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice'”, I understood that this was not because of the things that they were talking about but HOW they were talking about a certain topic. One of my favorite YouTubers, Jus Reign, uses long vowels and consonants to get his viewers to laugh. Along with telling his viewers stories, he talks about issues that he find important. Due to him using his YouTube Voice many people are willing to laugh, listen, and learn. On the other hand you have many YouTubers who have not found their YouTube voice just yet but they might say the same thing as other big YouTubers but do not connect to their audience as well. YouTubers are the future of public speaking and maybe we can learn a couple things from them.

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