Welcome to the AJCU-CITM History site.  Our goal is to provide an organizational history of the AJCU Collaborative on Information Technology Management (formerly known as the Conference on Information Technology Management) that includes highlights and milestones of our organization since we first met at Boston College in 1986.

The AJCU-CITM exists to promote the productive use of information technology on member campuses and to facilitate collaboration between member institutions. The organization helps members to better understand and fulfill the proper role and function of computing, telecommunications and information services within the Jesuit educational experience.

We hope to preserve and present our history, to celebrate our story and to provide an opportunity to those that have recently joined us to learn about the AJCU-CITM.  And,  it is our shared commitment to continue to use technology to support the missions of our Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States.

We plan to develop a timeline marked by highlights and milestones that provides historical context and interpretation. We will tell the story about our annual meetings, our outreach to our colleagues in the Jesuit institutions of higher education in Mexico, Central America and South America, our work groups, and our initiatives, e.g., professional development.

We are eager to work with materials that you have gathered from your participation in the AJCU-CITM. These could include photographs, printed materials, audio recordings, and conference artifacts. We will copy and return all materials.

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