The TTL Group

AJCU CITM TTL History and Timeline
May 17, 2016

1999: Dick Vigilante started JesuitNet to foster collaborations among its member institutions for online course development, faculty training, program marketing, and computer support. In hindsight, it can be viewed as the nucleating point for what became TTL.

2002: Dick Vigilante held a meeting at EDUCAUSE attended by David Lees and others to talk about forming an EdTech group that would represent a diverse mix of instructional technology, teaching and learning, and assessment individuals that fell outside of JesuitNET’s distance learning focus.

2004: The Marquette conference was the first meeting with a separate EdTech track. More and more EdTech people were attending CITM meetings and many of the EdTech topics came via JesuitNet, the Continuing Ed deans, and various CITM members.

2005: St. Joseph’s: David Lees was instrumental in making sure the two separate tracks – CITM and EdTech – continued at the Conference. David stayed involved with EdTech, though he avoided running it, preferring the role of Agitator. After the 2007 Regis Conference, Vicki Rosen became coordinator-in-charge, along with some officers and committee members.

2006: LeMoyne: The EdTech attendees voted to change EdTech to Technology, Teaching, and Learning (TTL).

2007: Regis: The TTL attendees began discussion in earnest about becoming a separate AJCU conference – Conference on Technology, Teaching and Learning CTTL – as originally envisioned by Dick Vigilante. A wiki was created for pertinent documents drafted by the CTTL Governance Committee: John Bansavich, David Lees, Bruce Montes, Mary Morrisard-Larkin, Vicki Rosen, Estelle Siener, and Bill Thieke.

2008: USF: Vicki Rosen concentrated on the Bylaws. David Lees, Bruce Montes, Estelle Siener, and Bill Thieke weighed in on the details and intent of TTL for the next several years. John Bansavich, Mary Morrisard-Larkin, and Claudia Forbes (Regis) kept track of meeting minutes and other procedural tasks.

2009: Rockhurst: This was the first Conference where TTL – Technology, Teaching and Learning – replaced EdTech as a separate track.

Consultation with AJCU President Fr. Currie indicated the AJCU Presidents would not favor another conference, although the intention was never to split completely from CITM, but rather be a separate concurrent Conference. Perhaps TTL could be a Special Interest Group within CITM, but no other SIGs were found among the various AJCU Conferences. The TTL group then adopted the designation “Affiliate” as a possible solution, although this too was not used by any other Conference.

After the conference, Vicki Rosen wrote to Susan Malisch, CITM President, on behalf of the conference attendees, requesting that TTL enter into a “collegial affiliation” with CITM. The CIOs responded with a request that the proposal be modified to integrate the TTL membership with CITM without creating a new affiliation since the CIOs saw the staff providing “TTL services” as a vital and integrated part of the IT operations at the various schools.

Dick Vigilante noted that a majority of the TTL membership came from IT, but there were also academics from Centers for Teaching and Learning, Educational Technology Departments within Schools of Education, and Academic Technology and Research within Libraries, all of which lay outside IT.

In early 2010, Vicki Rosen worked with Susan Malisch, Dick Vigilante, and TTL members to find new language to address these concerns. The Bylaws were revised and TTL became a Special Interest Group, with a SIG representative to serve on the CITM board.

2011: Santa Clara At the business meeting, two sets of amendments to the Bylaws were discussed. By unanimous vote, CITM approved amendments calling for creation of SIGs within the AJCU CITM membership. This was followed by approval of TTL as the first SIG and Vicki Rosen was elected as Liaison Officer with AJCU CITM. The following October, TTL named representatives to the Mentoring, Shared Services, Benchmarking, Distance Learning, and Web Site committees and working groups.

2012: Boston College At the business meeting, a motion was passed to renew the sponsorship the AJCU-CITM TTL SIG for another year. Also there was some discussion about possible SIGs within AJCU-CITM, for project management officers and information security officers. EdTech/TTL had successfully scouted and then paved the way for other SIGs within CITM.

2013: Loyola Chicago Crista Copp of LMU was elected by the TTL SIG as the liaison officer. TTL had become part of business-as-usual in CITM. Later in 2013, TTL began to hold webinars on topics of interest to the membership and to use the Wiki to share information between annual meetings.

2014: Gonzaga University Business as usual.

2015: Loyola University Maryland Business as usual.