Davies Forum 2008 — Digital Literacy

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  1. Hi there! David told me about your blog this morning, as he drove me to the USF campus. I’m impressed with the blog. Looks like you folks spent time thinking and planning for it. Suggestion — how about a page to profile the Gleeson Library librarians? Hope to be able to meet some of you at the talk. Cheers.

  2. Hi Ivan! Thanks for writing. I’m looking forward to your talk tonight. AND thanks for your suggestion. We do have a page on the library website with a list of staff — those with their own web profiles are hotlinked. http://www.usfca.edu/library/staff/index.html We’ll think about incorporating that into the blog — maybe we could feature a library staffer of the month? hmm.

    — Debbie B.

  3. Hey Gleeson Librarians! What a neat blog you have going here. I foresee this being quite useful in the near future. What if, every so often, you highlight hidden gems (literary or otherwise) of our beautiful library at USF? No one knows the place better than you, and I’m sure there are books, materials, corners, and crevices that are worth hearing about!

    Cheers, Kelly
    Student in Professor Silver’s “Digital Literacy” class

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