Saints and Librarians

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  1. Love this post. St. Jerome’s contribution to the early development of manuscripts (hand written codices) is very significant as well. I’ve been studying medieval manuscripts, specifically paleography (the study of the scripts and writing systems), and St. Jerome is supposed to have blasted Uncial script by saying, “There are people who want old books, either in purple-coloured parchment with gold and silver letters, either in uncial, as it is vulgarly said; which are more burden than codices.” He may have been irritated with Roman Capital or Rustic Roman instead of Uncial (they are all majuscule scripts, in other words scripts that look like upper case letters), but in any case he was mostly pointing out how much space they waste. (More info here: In any case, he seems to have been a feisty dude and I like to consider librarians feisty as well… in the good, freedom-of-information way πŸ™‚

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