Week 1: Typical Sacramento Work Week

Internship: Assemblymember Steven Bradford (62nd District)

The day starts at 9am when I get to the office. First, I log on to check email then I go pick up the office mail in the basement. Next to the mailboxes are the Daily Files. The Daily Files are small booklet published daily that tell staff of each House and the public what committees are meeting and where, what order bills will be heard in, and the status of bills.

After returning from the mailroom, I read the LA Times (my member represents part of LA County) and look for stories that our office needs to be aware of. Then usually the Assembly will be in session, I will track some bills of personal interest and our office’s interest, record the final vote count and report to the appropriate staffers if they are not watching themselves.

This brings us to around 12 noon. Many times lunch is not until 12:30 or 1 and this is simply because we are needed in the office. After lunch, a committee is usually meeting so if I’m asked I will take notes and report certain bills to our staffers. Most times after lunch I’m able to work on research for a bill idea my office has. Then around 5 o’clock, it is time to go home.

Assemblymember Steven BradfordJeno Wilkinson

usfmccarthycenter • July 9, 2013

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