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As the ’21-’22 academic year concludes, Engage San Francisco’s Graduate Intern, Carla Trujillo, reflects on her experience being a part of the ESF Literacy team while also being a student in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Masters Program. Keep reading to hear what she learned from this year, and why she encourages students like her to be a part of ESF Literacy.

This 2021-2022 school year, I had the opportunity to intern for Engage San Francisco (ESF) Literacy. As I reflect on my experience as a Graduate Assistant, I am very thankful for the experiences Dresden, Program Manager, and Karin, Director of ESF, created for me. As a first-generation student from South Los Angeles, I was nervous to learn how to navigate USF, a private institution. ESF Literacy and the Leo T. McCarthy Center (LTMC) provided immense support and guidance on navigating institutions of higher education and offered unique experiences that had an immense impact on my professional and personal growth. 

Throughout the year, I brought a myriad of organizational and administrative skills to our program. I learned how to effectively manage a large number of students, learn the ins and outs of running a university program, while simultaneously managing a full-time course load in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Masters Program. In addition, ESF Literacy has provided me with the space to advance my research, assessment and evaluation skills by participating in community-based research. They have opened doors to different experiences, like working alongside faculty member Dr. Helen Maniates, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of educational research. I had the privilege of meeting the Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and some of Leo T. McCarthy’s family members during our LTMC Gala. I truly value the experiences LTMC and ESF Literacy have provided me. 

In all, I appreciate the transparency and the collaborative environment the LTMC staff have. In this space, I was able to engage in meaningful conversations and thoughtful reflections catered to offering our undergraduate students intentional experiences. LTMC truly strives to offer students a transformative experience on the USF campus. I look forward to spending my last year of Graduate School being a part of the LTMC staff and ESF Literacy team. For future Graduate Assistant’s interested in LTMC ESF Literacy, I encourage you to apply. It is a one of a kind experience!

Learn more about Engage San Francisco Literacy here.

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Leo T. McCarthy Center • May 19, 2022

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