MNA Innovative Competencies


The MNA program is designed to develop the essential competencies, skills and values for nonprofit executives, leaders, managers and administrators of programs and organizations. It emphasizes management competencies combined with leadership values and experiential learning practices that serve as pedagogical innovative methods while responding to the needs of social sector organizations. The innovative educational approaches and the essential nonprofit competencies of the MNA Program reflect the Nonprofit Academic Center Council (NACC) curricula guidelines along those of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA).  The following is a sample list of competency modules and nonprofit resources introducing the topics articulated in the MNA curricula.

MNA Overview & Innovative Features

The MNA Program, the first degree of its kind in the world, has been innovative at every level. Here is an overview of the program’s main features often shared in MNA information sessions and open houses. Check the them out and do not hesitate to reach out to the School of Management to receive more information on how to start this journey to push your nonprofit leadership career to the next level.

Module 0: Orientation

Are you new to the MNA Program? Check out these insights on how to best prepare yourself for the MNA Program. These include practical insights for being a successful graduate student, how to prepare for the MNA program, how to develop your technical skills for the program and for your social sector career.

Module 1: Social Sector and Philanthropy

Module 2: Nonprofit Ethical Leadership

Module 3: Strategic Board Governance

Module 4: Effective Fundraising and Grant Writing

Module 5: Social Marketing Communication

Module 6: Financial Management and Public Accountability

Module 7: Cultural Diversity and HR Management

Module 8: Public Policy Advocacy

Module 9: Social Enterprise and Innovation

Module 10: Social Impact Analysis

Module 11: NGOs and Global Civil Society

Module 12: Gender Empowerment & Women Leadership

Module 13: Nonprofit Law and Comparative Law

Module 14: Sustainable Development and Reporting

Module 15: Humanitarian Emergency Management

Module 16: Strategic Planning & Org. Development

Module 17: Nonprofit Career Development

– Educating Social Sector Leaders Since 1983 –

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