Discovering Colombia through Golf: A Journey with LiveColombia

In 2021, Jordan Sharon (‘06) and his family made the permanent move to Colombia. After spending many years in real estate development and property management, Jordan realized that a move to South America presented a ripe opportunity to return to a career in the sports industry and to live in his wife’s native country. As the founder and President of LiveColombia, Jordan is on a mission to introduce tourists to world-class golf facilities that are set against breathtaking Colombian landscapes. Jordan’s vision for LiveColombia is to create a golf tourism experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a unique blend of sports, culture, and adventure.

Sport Tourism Trends and Future Opportunities:

Sports tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in travel. People are traveling to attend and participate in sporting events, within their home countries and abroad, simultaneously providing them an opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign culture. Jordan notes that there is an increasing demand for immersive and active experiences. From golfing on the green, to cycling through picturesque landscapes, to enjoying beach volleyball on the shores of Colombia, LiveColombia is at the forefront of providing unique, memorable, and safe sporting adventures.

The USF Connection:

Jordan’s time in the University of San Francisco’s Sport Management program played a pivotal role in shaping his career and personal growth. The program not only provided academic excellence but also a supportive community that remains a valuable resource even years after graduation. Jordan’s bond with his fellow cohort members, faculty, and administrators at USF exemplifies the lasting impact of a strong academic foundation.

Lessons from Abroad and Entrepreneurship:

Reflecting on his journey, Jordan shares valuable lessons from his experiences moving abroad and starting his own business. He identifies that demonstrating respect for local cultures, embracing new opportunities, and trusting one’s instincts are keys to success. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to welcome challenges, learn from mistakes, and never underestimate the power of positive energy.

The LiveColombia experience goes beyond golf; it’s an introduction to the warmth, joy, and welcoming spirit of the Colombian people. Get your clubs ready, pack your bags, and let LiveColombia guide you through the golfing adventure of a lifetime!

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