Personal Observation: Neha

  1. Neha’s gold necklace represents her zodiac sign (Aquarius) and also has her first initial “N” attached to it. The function is to show people a part of her without saying anything. The “N” would lead someone to think that her name starts with N and if someone knows a lot abut zodiac signs then they can probably tell what her personality might be like. It is probably from a retail website or store and its purpose is to make a statement about herself.
  2. It does not remind me of anything in particular and I do not know anything about her zodiac sign, only mine. It connects to my experience because I also like to read about zodiac signs and astrology but only seek information I am truly interested in (compatibility). My assumption about the artifact is that is represents at least some of who and how she is as a person.
  3. Neha and her mom are both Aquarius. Her necklace is important to her because she identifies with her zodiac sign a lot in terms of her personality, what she likes doing, and the person she is. It has also helped her keep herself grounded when she has identity crisis. She reads her horoscope daily. she has never taken her necklace off since she purchased it and it is real gold. Gold is special in the Indian culture and her mom kept the item aside until she knew exactly what Neha wanted.