Testing Lawlessness in the age of Coronavirus?

I recently had come across another intriguing article that focuses on San Francisco. While it does start off talking about more instances of lawlessness in general, it quickly gets into how SF is loosening its laws and restrictions regarding homeless encampments. Homeless camps have been a focus for the past four years for SF law enforcement and they have previously been trying to shut them down.

Now we are seeing a complete shift from this given the issue of coronavirus. Rather than disbanding these encampments, city officials are actually doing the opposite by taking on a “tents for all” policy as well as complete decriminalization of homeless encampments. This is part of the belief that these encampments will actually help contain the virus as it does give these individuals a space of their own. This policy has gone as far as to have officials distributing hundreds of tents throughout San Francisco.

If you are interested in the full article, the link is below.




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