About ihe2016

‘ihe’ began in 2011, when the  ‘Art + Design: elearning lab‘ started investigating the use of iPads in art and design education. At the time there was minimal empirical research on the use of iPads in HE, and the need was identified to provide a platform through international conferences, workshops and other related educational and appropriate academic events, for the dissemination of research on the use of iPads in Higher Education.

The ‘ihe’ steering committee comprises members of the original group, plus an additional member from the hosting institution that organizes the forthcoming ‘ihe’. This additional member has a two-year term and the position is renewed after the completion of the biennial conference.

ihe2016 University of San Francisco Steering Committee

Dr. John Bansavich, Chair
Director of Learning Technologies
Adjunct faculty, Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning
Research interests and areas of expertise:
Mobile technologies; technology in higher education; professional development and training; assessment technologies.



Dr. Ben Baab, Co-Chair
Adjunct faculty School of Education
Research interests and areas of expertise:
Research methods; analysis; technology in higher education; training software; instructional techniques.





Ken Yoshioka
Mobile, Media and Training Specialist





Michelle Ruiz
Graduate Student Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning at USF



ihe homepage: http://ipadsinhe.org/
ihe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ihe2014
ihe Twitter: https://twitter.com/iPads_in_HE
ihe Linkedin: http://goo.gl/FCNSHw
email: ihe2016@usfca.edu/

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