Professor Matthew Malensek Awarded 2018 Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award

This winter, USF Computer Science wants to congratulate assistant faculty member, Matthew Malensek. Matthew was recently awarded the the 2018 Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award from the IEEE technical committee on scalable computing! See photos from the event below. Continue reading “Professor Matthew Malensek Awarded 2018 Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award”

Fall 2018 State of the Department

The USF Computer Science department is thriving with four new tenure-track faculty members, two new research labs, a new graduate “Bridge” program that readies graduates from other majors for a Master’s in CS, and graduate enrollments that have doubled since 2016 and undergraduate enrollments that have tripled since 2013. The department is the largest and most diverse it has ever been in terms of both faculty, students, and expertise.

New Faculty

The new faculty members include Beste Yuksel who just started her third year and works in Human- and Brain-Computer Interfaces, Matthew Malensek (2nd year) who works in Big Data, David Guy Brizan (2nd year in CS) who works in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, and Vahab Pournaghshband (1st year) who works in Networks and Security. Hiring in CS is a huge challenge and we are thrilled to have added these terrific teachers and researchers to our department, and to have broadened our areas of expertise. Continue reading “Fall 2018 State of the Department”

Not So Artificial Intelligence

Professor Greg Benson
Professor Greg Benson

As the public embraces artificial intelligence (AI) in self-driving cars, virtual home assistants like Alexa, and even humanoid robots like Hanson Robotics’ Sophia, USF’s undergraduate and graduate computer science programs have teamed with Silicon Valley companies to train students in the technology behind these innovations: machine learning. Read more…

Yuksel’s New HCI Lab Applying Machine-Learning to Tutoring, VR to Social Justice

CS Faculty The first thing Professor Beste Yuksel did when she came to USF’s computer science department in Fall 2016 was create a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) lab. Today, the lab is equipped with fully-immersive virtual reality (VR) and brain-computer interfacing (BCI), with which Yuksel and her students have been putting to use on research in areas of tutoring and social justice. Read more…

Faculty Brings Big Data Boost to Computer Science

CS FacultyProfessor Matthew Malensek, who specializes in big data, joined the Department of Computer Science this fall as an Assistant Professor. He said that he simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work alongside such inspiring faculty who are truly passionate about carrying out cutting-edge research. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity to teach (as well as learn from) such a diverse, talented, and motivated student body here at USF. Read more…