Discussion of Sources for project 2

For this speech, I compared two different articles trying to sell food bikes to the general public. One article was written by the Icicle Tricycle, a company that designs and manufactures  food bikes to vendors. The other was written by National Public Radio on how food bikes are the newest and most efficient way to buy food. Although they both discussed the same topic and wrote with the same positive vibe, both displayed the food bike in a different way. The creators of the Icicle Tricycle mentioned many positive aspects of the food bike, but they let the pictures of the product do all of the talking. They brought up major points, such as its cost effectiveness and ecofriendly traits, but they failed to use stats and quotes from happy customers to sell their product. The National Public Radio incorporated more physical evidence, like statistics, more than a dozen quotes from customs, and pictures taken by the authors themselves. They were both very informative and easy to work with and they each offered a variety of information.

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