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Tonight, I spent about two hours prepping and building burritos for the homeless at the Burrito Project SF @ Martin De Porres. At first I was really skeptical because the address was a somewhat sketchy warehouse, but the kitchen was really fun and festive when I was lead in. My first job was to unfold over 500 pieces of tin foil which would be used to wrap the burritos. After this process, we were each assigned a station in a uniform fashion. Some cooked tortillas, other cooked rice and beans, and some wrapped burritos. I was one of the two people who scooped salsa into the burritos, and even had the chance to wrap a few. I met some very interesting and incredible people. One was dubbed the Duchess of San Francisco and was a coordinator for a non-profit that accumulated a portion of its profits through drag shows. Another woman had lived only 20 minutes away from my hometown and moved to San Francisco to be with her mother. What I found the most interesting was that the Burrito Project fund was based solely off of donations, but only one dollar would make a burrito and a half. Overall, this was a great experience and I would love to volunteer here again.

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