At the University of San Francisco, faculty make significant contributions in research, creative works, and scholarship that advance knowledge, offer solutions to our world’s most pressing problems, and inspire imagination and innovative ideas. USF faculty research is created, conducted, and produced individually and in collaboration with other faculty, and with local, national, and international partners and organizations. USF faculty also support, mentor, and train students to become the next generation of productive, creative and innovative thinkers, scholars, and artists.

Our faculty have garnered numerous accolades and prestigious awards. They have received major federal and local grants, competitive fellowships, and Fulbright scholarships, and their creative works have been featured in major art venues, readings, performance centers, and film festivals around the globe.


Our mission at the Center for Research, Artistic and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE) at the University of San Francisco is to support, promote, and celebrate faculty research, artistic, and scholarly excellence through interdisciplinary and community connections, innovative approaches, social impact, and active dissemination.

For more information about CRASE and our programs, please visit our university web page.


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